Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aller à Paris

Barbara and I leave for Paris in less than 10 hours.

We're going to be spending all 10 days of our spring break there, and I'm so prepared for it to be one of our best trips yet. Crepes, croissants, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame, French wine, Luxembourg, the incredible French boulevards and gardens....**sigh**

One of the highlights is definitely getting to stay with Florine and Christophe (a French couple I got to know when they lived in Buffalo). I'm excited for fellowship and sharing stories and laughing at all the silly things Florine does or says. I'm excited for opportunities that the Lord might open up in all our lives, including Barbara's.

I know I've been awful at blogging this past month and a half, so my plan is to work on a really juicy one on the bus ride tonight (we're taking an overnight bus and they are supposed to have wi-fi).

Ideally, I want to post a couple times while I'm in Paris. So get ready for that. I'm gonna do it!